Wave by Staley Credit Union


How Wave Works

How It Works

After you sign up for Wave, the first thing we'll do is get you set up with a spend account. This is the launch point for all the other features that comes with the program. You'll also create your login info for the website so you can start learning more about what you can do with your account.

All the information you'll need to do stuff like activate your debit card, set up mobile banking, and start using the Staley Mobile App is broken up into easy steps. And just by completing those steps you can earn up to $100 in rewards.

What Are The Steps?

Open an Account

Your first step is opening an account and becoming a member of Staley Credit Union. Don't worry - we've made it easy to do. We've even designed an account just for you - the SCU Wave account.

Activate Debit Card

Once your Wave account is open you'll get a temporary debit card to use until your permanent card arrives. Just pick your PIN and activate the card to pay for gas, a meal, or a movie with your friends.

Set-up Online Banking

Don't have time to go to the nearest SCU branch? That's not a problem with SCU Online Banking. Just set it up and you'll be able to do just about everything you can do at your SCU branch - only now you can do it all from home, work, school...wherever!

Download Our App

Want even more convenience? Download our app and put the power of mobile banking right on your phone. Deposit checks, check your balances, transfer money, you name it you can do it with the SCU Mobile App.

These are just a sample of the ways Staley CU Wave will make things easy for you as you set up your first accounts! Register today with Wave and we'll make sure it's all easy and hassle-free and even throw in up to $100 in rewards.


Progress Rewards

Each step you complete gets you closer to free rewards. Here's a list of the stuff you can earn while going through the WAVE steps:

  • After 4 steps: $20 check
  • After 8 steps: $10 gift card
  • After 11 steps: $10 gift card
  • After 14 steps: $10 gift card
  • After completing all 15 steps: $50 deposit into your spend account

Getting Started

Ready to get going? Signing up is super easy! Just click the link below to join Wave. If you don't yet have an account with Staley CU, you'll be able to open one while registering for Wave.



Still Have Questions?

If you need to test the waters a little more before you dive in, we've got an FAQ that should answer any more questions you have about the program.